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Fascinating landscapes in the world’s second largest crater

Located in the Tatvan district of Bitlis, the world’s second and Turkey’s largest crater lake, Nemrut Crater Lake impresses with its natural beauty.

Nemrut Crater Lake, at an altitude of 2,250, which received the “Award of Excellence” within the framework of the “European Selected Destinations” project, offers a visual feast with its insatiable view in every season.
In addition to its natural beauties, the crater lake attracts attention with its hot and cold lakes, ice cave, steam chimney, bird species and biodiversity, and welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year.
The crater lake, which can also be viewed from the air, offers insatiable views with its natural beauty.
Nafiz Tüzün, who stated that he came to the Nemrut Caldera, which he had the opportunity to visit for the first time last year, said that the caldera has an admirable beauty.

 Alde Soha
 Alde Soha

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