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I Walked Through the City of Almeria | Spain Almeria 4K 60fps UHD

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Almería is a port city on the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain. With over 320 sunny days per year on average it is also of the sunniest places in Europe.

There is also the Alcazaba – a 10th-century Moorish fortress overlooking the city though relatively few tourists come to Almeria which makes it a relaxed destination in sunny Spain.

We start our tour in this Andalusian city at the Almería Cathedral from the 1500s. We walk around the city centre on this afternoon. The streets rather quiet at first during siesta as we make it to the Plaza de la Constitución. From there we walk North to the Church of San Sebastian and then East to the Calle Belén – a green walkway down to the sea.

Along our way through the city we check out the (closed) Almería Central Market and also have time to see St. Peter’s Square in more residential areas.

As we return to the Rambla – Calle Belén – we see the “Fuente de los 102 Municipios” – a fountain representing 102 towns in the Andalucia province. We walk a bit further west and end this tour at the Fuente de los Delfines.

Filmed in February 2020

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