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Walking in ISTANBUL | Istanbul Kadikoy Tour Anatolian Side 4K 60fps

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Kadıköy on Istanbul’s Asian shore is a laid-back residential neighbourhood of this city.

Both Kadıköy (ancient “Khalkedon”) and Üsküdar (ancient “Chrysopolis”/”Scutari”) started as independent cities and incorporated into Istanbul in the late 19th century.

We arrive with the ferry over the Bosphorus from the Anatolian / European side and start our tour at the ferry pier.

After a few minutes we reach the busy cenrtal district and walk all around for about one hour there. We see everything from busy shopping street, residential areas and many cafés and restaurants. There are murals and even some little art markets.

The tour ends again near the ferry pier at Kadikoy Square with the Statue of Ataturk.

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